UI/UX Fellowship

Do you want to learn how to design like a pro? The Metvy UI/UX Fellowship can help you do just that. Learn from the experts working at brands like Microsoft, Myntra, Flipkart Health+ and more.

UI/UX Fellowship
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About the cohort

The Metvy UI/UX Fellowship aims to help budding creative professionals by providing them with in-depth understanding about different ui/ux -based ideologies like Graphic Design, UI/UX and interaction design & inculcating a proper ui/ux ideology using industry-oriented tasks and activities. With focus on ui/uux softwares like Photoshop and Figma, the aim would be on understanding UI/UX Thinking Fundamentals.

Who is this program for
UG Students of any stream
PG Students of any stream
Working professionals in any domain
Aspiring UI/UX designers
Beginner or Amateur ui/ux designers
People who want to learn about ui/ux psychology
In this cohort you will be able to:
  • Understanding ui/ux theory, and developing a designer mindset.
  • Diving into various tools like Adobe Photoshop, Figma and the latest AI tools.
  • Understanding UI Design, Interactions and User Experience Design.
  • Understanding Prototyping, UI Wireframing and building an industry ready product.

Kickstart your ui/ux career with the Metvy UI/UX Fellowship in just 30 days. Boost your career and stand out from the competition with this highly reputed-ui/ux fellowship.

Cohort details
4 weeks
16+ Live Sessions
Personalized care
Access From Any Computer, Tablet or Mobile
Course Mentor

Andy Smith

Content Marketing

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Explore our live and exclusive masterclasses by top experts hailing from brands like Swiggy, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon and more
Week 1
Fundamentals and Introduction to UI/UX Design: In the first week, participants will start by exploring the fundamental elements and principles of design, laying the groundwork for effective design thinking. They will then delve into the world of UI/UX design, understanding its essence, user-centered design principles, and the core UX design principles that guide the creation of user-friendly interfaces. Market research will be introduced as a vital step in understanding user needs and market trends.
Week 2
UX Process, User Research, and Tools: Week two focuses on the UX design process, breaking it down into its key stages: Discover, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. Participants will learn the importance of each stage and how they contribute to creating seamless user experiences. The session continues with user research, teaching participants how to understand user needs through surveys, interviews, and creating user personas. Additionally, they will be introduced to Figma, a popular UI/UX design tool, and begin wireframing and prototyping.
week 3
Visual Design, Branding, and UI Elements: The third week explores the aesthetics of UI/UX design. Participants will dive into visual design principles encompassing typography, color theory, and layout composition. Branding is introduced as a key aspect of design, with a focus on defining brand identity, visual elements, and messaging. UI elements such as buttons, forms, navigation, icons, and images are covered in detail, emphasizing the importance of consistency in UI design.
week 4
Usability Testing, Mobile UI/UX, and Accessibility: The final week wraps up the program with a deep dive into usability testing, covering planning, conducting tests, and analyzing feedback. Participants will learn to design for mobile devices, emphasizing responsive design principles and the differences between mobile apps and mobile web. Lastly, the importance of accessibility in UI/UX is highlighted, with insights into guidelines, design practices, and testing methods to ensure inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards.

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