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Whether you are just starting out in Artificial Intelligence or looking to expand your skills and knowledge, this program is THE only thing you need.

AI Bootcamp
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About the cohort

Metvy Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp uses fundamental knowledge of AI, a high- tech infrastructure and live classes to provide students with an application of the technical aspects of the industry. Having a Google Summer of Code Mentor, MLH as a mentor, there would be 12 live classes where subjects like applications of AI in the industry, learning Python from scratch for non-tech professionals, and building a working algorithm for an industry use case would be covered.

Who is this program for
UG Students of any stream
PG Students of any stream
Working professionals in any domain
Those you are interested in web3
Those who want to understand the future of AI
Aspiring AI engineers
In this cohort you will be able to:
  • Understanding Theory of Artificial Intelligence and its Algorithms, Search Based Techniques, Introduction to Problem Solving.
  • Heuristics, Informed Search Strategies, Constraint Satisfaction, Solving Problems by Searching, State Space Formulation.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning, What is Machine Learning, Machine Learning Pipeline, Types of Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Understanding Neural Networks and Deep Learning, KNN Algorithms and their working, When is KNN used.

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Cohort details
4 weeks
16+ Live Sessions
Personalized care
Access From Any Computer, Tablet or Mobile
Course Mentor

Andy Smith

Content Marketing

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Explore our live and exclusive masterclasses by top experts hailing from brands like Swiggy, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon and more
Week 1
In this week, you'll be introduced to Python basics, installation, IDEs, and key concepts like comments, variables, logical operators, and strings. Further this week delves into data types (lists, tuples, dictionaries), if-else statements, and loops. You'll learn functions, working with external libraries, and an introduction to Pandas and NumPy for data manipulation. This comprehensive journey will equip you with a strong foundation in Python programming for various applications.
Week 2
In the week 2, participants received a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI's definition, examples, use cases in various fields, and different AI categories. Further the week delves deeper, explaining AI's essence, with a focus on definition, examples, and cross-domain applications. This week students also explored AI theory, introducing AI agents and their types. Lastly, the week provided insights into machine learning, detailing machine learning pipelines and various algorithms. These sessions collectively equipped participants with a foundational understanding of AI's principles and its integral component, machine learning.
week 3
The third week introduces the participants to Machine Learning, What is Machine Learning, Machine Learning Pipeline, Types of Machine Learning Algorithms, Tasks in Machine Learning, Clustering, Regression, Uses of Machine Learning, Introduction to Natural Language Processing.
week 4
Furthermore In the upcoming sessions, participants learn to implement Linear Regression from scratch in Python. Further in this week session covered Neural Networks & Deep Learning theory. Participants implemented a Neural Network from scratch and engaged in a practical project. These sessions combined theoretical understanding with hands-on experience in both Linear Regression and Neural Networks.

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