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I grew my Instagram and Youtube in just 9 months

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Content Creation Course by Tech-iela x Metvy

Grow your followers beyond 100K and build a solid personal brand to get sponsorship deals
Get insights from data to create content consistently
Turn content creation into a full-time career.
Monetize your Instagram & Youtube content.

About The Course

Do you aspire to become Instagram and YouTube content creator but feel clueless when it comes to

  • Understanding the science of going viral on Instagram and YouTube

  • How to create unique content pieces every single day

  • Building a strong personal brand

  • Monetizing your Instagram and YouTube content

This course will help you put your efforts in the right direction and help you learn the process used by your favorite Instagram and YouTube content creators to grow their brand

You will learn how to -

  • Pick your niche

  • Make your content more discoverable

  • Use data for to get more reach and engagement.

  • Different ways of monetising your content

  • Creating unique content in advance for weeks

  • Leveraging the brand collabs

  • Stably grow despite the changes in YouTube and Instagram algorithm

You'll receive the exact blueprint necessary to grow your personal brand on Instagram & YouTube and making it a full-fledged career.

Course Curriculum

🧐 Self-Assessment

  • Why build a personal brand?

  • Different pillars of content creation

  • The role of YouTube and Instagram

👀 Selecting your target audience

  • Aligning passion and audience demand

  • Authentication of content

  • Understanding your target audience

🎬 Content Generation

  • Creating an automated content engine

  • Process of consistent content creation

  • How to pick and choose content experimentation

🎥 Visual Identity and Branding

  • Understanding the power of storytelling

  • Maintaining Visual Consistency across Platforms

  • Content Editing Techniques

  • Video and Audio Editing Best Practices

⚡Importance of Consistent Branding

  • The Science and Art of Thumbnails

  • Editing for Better Engagement

  • Designing Thumbnails for YouTube and Instagram

🧪 Youtube Strategy

  • Understanding the YouTube Algorithm

  • How to Create an Optimised YouTube Channel

  • Titling, Description, and Tags on YouTube

  • Effective Keyword Research for YouTube

📈 Instagram Strategy

  • Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

  • Metrics to Track for Growth

  • Maximizing Views and Engagement through Data

  • Why a Strategic Approach to Instagram Matters

💰 Content Monetization

  • Collaborating with Brands

  • Direct Selling and Monetization Opportunities

  • Building Multiple Revenue Streams

  • How to handle copyright strikes and claims

Turn your hobby of content creation into a full time career.

Meet Your Mentors

Jai Arora

Jai Arora aka Tech-iela (YouTube Content Creator)

Jai Arora aka Techiela has been creating content for the past 3 years. He grew from 0 to 2.3 million followers on Instagram in just 16 months. Subsequently Techiela also has a YouTube Shorts channel will 2 Million Subscribers and a YouTube Channel for long format content with 400K+ subscriber. Overall he has a following of around 5 Million across all social media platforms.

Shawrya Mehrotra

Shawrya Mehrotra (Founder, Metvy)

Shawrya Mehrotra is the founder of Metvy, revolutionizing online learning by connecting people with mentors they admire. From humble beginnings, he built Metvy into a powerhouse backed by top investors from Google, Meta, and others. Featured in renowned publications, Metvy has impacted over 25,000 lives. Shawrya, a Delhi University graduate, is also a TEDx speaker and has delivered talks at prestigious institutions like IIT and IIM.

Dhairya Andani

Dhairya Andani (Founder, Nex Media)

Dhairya Andani is the founder at Nex Media, an Influencer Marketing and Talent Management company currently managing around 15+ talents. Nex Media is also the agency that manages Techiela. Dhairya has an experience of working with over 100+ brands and over 60+ creators in the past 2.5 years He leads the sales, operations and talent team at Nex Media.

Vipul Ghai

Vipul Ghai (Head of Design, Metvy)

Vipul is a 23-year-old Interaction & Graphics Designer, Photographer and an amateur cinematographer, who believes in portraying the world to you in his own style and finding the meanings in the abstract details and intricacies. Vipul has worked with many reputed brands like, The French Embassy, JCBL Group, Daily Objects, and Dalmia Bharat to name some.

Rishabh Madaan

Rishabh Madaan (Founder & Chief YouTube Strategist, Crafted Visions)

Rishabh Madaan's journey is a testament to his passion for learning and innovative storytelling. From teaching and technology to finance and filmmaking, he's traversed diverse paths, each contributing to his unique skill set. With a deep understanding of the creator economy, Rishabh now empowers content creators to achieve their goals through his expertise and passion for YouTube.

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Want to do big brand deals
Attract great career opportunities
Aspire to live a lavish lifestyle
Get famous

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